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Deep eutectic solvents-assisted synthesis of ZnCo2O4 nanosheets as peroxidase-like nanozyme and its application in colorimetric logic gate 期刊论文
Talanta, 2021, 期号: 222, 页码: 121680
Authors:  Jia Chen;  Xin Wei;  Hao Tang;  Jean Claude Munyemana;  Ming Guan;  Shusheng Zhang;  Hongdeng Qiu
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Magnetic N-rich carbon nitride framework material for the high selectivity extraction and determination of La (III) 期刊论文
Talanta, 2021, 期号: 225, 页码: 122086
Authors:  Jing-Yan Kang (康晶燕);  Wei Ha (哈伟);  Hai-Xia Zhang (张海霞);  Shi YP(师彦平)
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Visualizing the spatial distribution of endogenous molecules in wolfberry fruit at different development stages by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging 期刊论文
Talanta, 2021, 期号: 234, 页码: 122687
Authors:  Wei-Hua Zhao (赵维花);  Yi-Da Zhang (张一达);  Shi YP(师彦平)
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Ultrasensitive determination of nitrite based on electrochemical platform of AuNPs deposited on PDDA-modified MXene nanosheets 期刊论文
Talanta, 2021, 卷号: 221, 期号: 3, 页码: 121605
Authors:  Wang, Yuhuan;  Zeng, Zhixing;  Qiao, Jianyu;  Dong, Shuqing;  Liang, Qing;  Shao, Shijun
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2D metal-organic framework nanosheets-assembled core-shell composite material as stationary phase for hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography 期刊论文
Talanta, 2021, 卷号: 222, 期号: X, 页码: 121603
Authors:  Tiantian Si;  Xiaojing Liang;  XiaofengLu;  LichengWang;  ShuaiWang;  YongGuo
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Synthesis of Orange-emissive Silicon Nanoparticles as “off-on” Fluorescence Probe for Sensitive and Selective Detection of Methionine and Copper 期刊论文
Talanta, 2021, 卷号: 231, 期号: /, 页码: 122369
Authors:  Stanislas Nsanzamahoro;  王伟峰;  张瑛;  师彦平;  杨军丽
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Non-conjugated flexible network for the functional design of silica-based stationary phase for mixed-mode liquid chromatography 期刊论文
Talanta, 2021, 卷号: 233, 期号: X, 页码: 122548
Authors:  Fangbin Fan;  Xiaofeng Lu;  Shuai Wang;  Xiaojing Liang;  LichengWang;  Yong Guo
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Octadecylimidazolium ionic liquids-functionalized carbon dots and their precursor co-immobilized silica as hydrophobic chromatographic stationary phase with enhanced shape selectivity 期刊论文
Talanta, 2021, 期号: 233, 页码: 122513
Authors:  Danni Jiang;  Jia Chen;  Ming Guan;  Hongdeng Qiu
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A novel approach for the preparation of core-shell MOF/polymer composites as mixed-mode stationary phase 期刊论文
Talanta, 2021, 卷号: 232, 期号: X, 页码: 122459
Authors:  Tiantian Si;  Licheng Wang;  Haixia Zhang;  Xiaojing Liang;  XiaofengLu;  Shuai Wang;  Yong Guo
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Lipase immobilization on magnetic cellulose microspheres for rapid screening inhibitors from traditional herbal medicines 期刊论文
Talanta, 2021, 期号: 231, 页码: 122374
Authors:  Jia Liu (刘佳);  Hai-Xia Zhang (张海霞);  Shi YP(师彦平)
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