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Wang, QiHua Secretary of LICP Committee of CCP & Vice Director; Director of R & D Center of Lubricating and Protecting Materials
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Research Fields: Tribology of composite materials Failure behavior of and mechanism research on materials in space environment Research on lubricating materials in harsh conditions and seal technology
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Wang, QiHua


Professor, Ph,D Supervisor  Winner of the National Outstanding Youth Foundation of China (2010)
Education Background:
Graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University with Bachelor’s Degree in Science in July, 1990;
Received Ph, D degree from the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in July, 1998;
Did cooperative research in the Chemical Department of Houston University, US, as a senior visiting scholar in 2004;
The Secretary of the Party committee;
Vice director of the LICP;
The Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of LICP;
Vice chairman of the 9thYouthWorking Committee of the Tribology Institute of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society;
Member of the Gansu Chemical Society;
Member of the editorial board of  Lubrication Engineering and Tribology.

Published more than 70 papers in key journals home and abroad

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